Andrea's Mountain Hut is a set released in the summer of 2014. It is now retired. 


Set up camp in the mountains with Andrea and tame the friendly squirrel!

Toast marshmallows on the campfire with Andrea! After a long day of hiking in the mountains outside Heartlake City, she has found a secret spot to set up camp for the night. Help her build the campfire and make a hot drink to keep warm. Use the camera to take some pictures of the beautiful mountain view. Then share a toasted marshmallow with the friendly squirrel before Andrea settles down in her camp bed to enjoy a night under the stars. 

Fun FactsEdit

  • This set also includes a squirrel called Hazel, a map, mug, marshmallow on a stick, camera and lantern.
  • Andrea's torso is exclusive to this set.

Gallery Edit

Andrea's Mountain Hut Unboxed

The set, unboxed and assembled.