Andrea is a part of the LEGO Friends franchise. She is one of the five main characters of the theme.

Andrea (2012-2015)

Andrea (2016-2017) Official Bio

Andrea is a natural performer and she WILL become a star! On and off the stage, she'll act, sing, entertain and dance her way through life. But don't let all the drama fool you - she knows she needs to work hard to perfect her musical talent (also because Mia kindly reminds her). She's not afraid of hard work as such, but it IS nice when you can treat yourself with new costumes or a beauty treatment after!

Loves: singing, having FUN, using her talent to make a difference in the world, feeling spoiled.

Not so cool about: being told "no", horseback riding, listening to others talking for too long.

More About Andrea

Andrea has long, dark brown hair in many braids, brown eyes, and dark skin. She wears a yellow top with a magenta notes with wings pattern, a light aqua skirt, and magenta pink and aqua high tops.



No episodes with this variation of Andrea have been produced as of yet.


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