All We Need Is Juice is the seventh episode of Season 1 of the LEGO Friends webisodes.


Stephanie is planning a party at her beach house, but there is no juice, so Mia, Olivia and Andrea go to get some while Emma helps her decorate for the party.

Plot (Spoilers) Edit

Stephanie's parents gave her permission to have a party at their beach house and she insists that despite being spotless, it still needs cleaning.

Olivia is especially focussed on the fact that Jacob will be coming, to which her friends give her a knowing glance, aware of how much she is crushing on him.

To avoid getting dragged into Stephanie's cleaning obsession, Mia, Olivia and Andrea volunteer to go and get juice for the party.

Emma stays behind, but not to help clean, instead she will decorate.

Stephanie calls the girls to find out if they've gotten the juice, only for Andrea to say they're right outside the front door and haven't even gotten to the Juice Bar yet.

Andrea says there is no rush, because it's not like they'll have no juice to sell.

When they get to the Juice Bar, a large order was just placed before they arrived and there is no more to sell to the girls.

Stephanie calls to find out if there is juice and Andrea hangs up, only for Naya to answer the phone and tell her there is no juice.

The sound of Stephanie screaming deafens Naya and she hangs up.

The girls decide to go pick fresh fruit at a farm and Olivia is especially insistent they pick cherries, despite the fact all the lower branches don't have any and they'd have to climb higher to get them.

Stephanie is having a stress induced nervous breakdown at the thought of a party without juice when the girls arrive with pitchers of fresh squeezed juice.

Mia asks Olivia why she is drinking orange juice when she insisted that they had to have cherries, then Jacob walks past and says how much he likes cherry juice.

Mia stares knowingly at Olivia, who starts blushing.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Stephanie's extremely loud screaming will be demonstrated again in Change of Address and it also involves phones.
  • Her obsession with cleaning will also be revisited in that episode.



All We Need is Juice - Webisode 7

All We Need is Juice - Webisode 7