Adventure Camper is a set released in the summer of 2012. It is now retired.


Take the LEGO Friends fun anywhere with the Adventure Camper!

Olivia and Nicole are packing up the Adventure Camper for summer fun in the wild outdoors. Be sure to pack the trailer with their bikes, then put supplies in the trailer box. Drive the camper to the mountains, the forest, the beach or anywhere your imagination wants to go! Spend the day biking, hiking and surfing! Back at the camper, set the table and fire up the grill for a barbecue feast. Spend the nights hanging out in the Adventure Camper watching the flat screen TV and getting lots of rest in the sleeping bunk. Lift the roof and open the Adventure Camper to play inside.

Includes Olivia and Nicole minidoll figures.

Possibilities Edit

  • Accessories include 2 bikes, surfboard, picnic table, barbecue grill, chicken, cups, juice element, a tote bag and the kitchen accessory pack: plates, utensils, bowl, muffins, spatula, frying pan and baking tin
  • Open the roof and doors of the camper to play inside!
  • Lift the camper cushions to store everything you need!
  • Seat both minidoll figures in the camper’s front seats!

LFChE Edit

Life in Heartlake City is fabulous, but Olivia also likes to explore the countryside as often as she can. When nature calls, Olivia heads out on the open road for an adventure in her friend Nicole's camper van.

Olivia's favourite way of exploring the countryside is by bike. The girls can cycle for miles, so Olivia always packs a picnic to share.

Outdoor adventures are hungry work, so Olivia and Nicole cook up a feast on the barbecue. Watch out for bears!

The camper van has plenty of home comforts, including a TV. Well, Nicole and Olivia need to relax after a full day of adventuring!

Once, Olivia completely forgot to attach the trailer. She had to drive back to fetch it. Oops!

Fun Facts Edit

  • This is the only set Nicole appears in.