Dolphin Cruiser is a LEGO Friends set released in November 2013. This is the only 2013 Friends set to be released in November.


Mia is passionate about helping animals, so she can't wait to climb aboard the Dolphin Cruiser. Mia, Maya and Andrew are on a mission to study the dolphins in the sea. They plan to have some fun, too!

Andrew, Mia and Maya all take turns at steering the boat on exciting new missions. Andrew has also discovered some great new places to swim.

The Dolphin Cruiser has special sonar equipment to locate doplhins underwater. Maya and Andrew like to have a drink at the snack bar and listen for any dolphins.

After a busy day studying marine life, Mia and Maya have found the perfect way to relax - a thrilling water slide. It goes straight into the sea!

Boat-mad Maya's favourite part of the Dolphin Cruiser is the captain's deck. She'd love to be the captain of the ship and be in charge of everything!

Funny Facts Edit

  • Set except the Cruise also contains two dolphins - Sheen the blue female, and Milo the grey male. The equipment of the set includes a jet ski, water ski, water slide off of the back, food, hair accessories and other stuff.