Heartlake City Pool is one of the sets released in January 2013. It is now retired.

This set contains a large pool with a hot tub and a waterslide, a snack stand, a bathroom/shower, lounges with a table, and many poolside accessories. The minidolls in this set are Andrea and Isabella.


Andrea loves to swim and play fun games at the Heartlake City Pool with her friend Isabella. This year Andrea also has a job: selling ice cream at the pool's City Park Café refreshment stand.

The hot tub is Andrea and Isabella's favourite spot. The bubbles are so relaxing.

This summer Isabella and Andrea are learning how to play water basketball.

The girls wash off all the sunscreen and chlorine from the pool before they head home.

Andrea dreams of putting on a poolside concert, but for now she just sings as she sells ice creams!

Fun Facts Edit

  • Set also contains a picnic table, toilet, shower, sun loungers and other stuff.
  • There is another set similar to this one, but it features Andrea and Martina.



Andrea and Isabella minidolls from this set.