The Heartlake Pet Salon was one of the sets released in January of 2013. It is now retired.


Now the pets of Heartlake City can get groomed and look gorgeous, too. The Heartlake Pet Salon offers a range of special treatments, including shampoos, pedicures and massages. Style-savvy Emma works there and her poodle, Lady, is her best customer!

Emma's friend, Joanna, works in the salon, too. First Emma washes Lady's coat, then Joanna blow-dries it.

Emma wants every pet to look and feel great: she trims, brushes and styles Lady's coat. She's so pretty!

Emma and Joanna enjoy everything about working at the Pet Salon. Well, apart of clipping dogs' toe nails!

Joanna and Emma both like art and design, so they love to experiment with new poodle fashions!

Fun Facts Edit

  • Set also includes Lady, Emma's poodle, styling tools and accessories, plus a tub and a gift stand.