The Downtown Bakery was one of the sets released in the summer of 2013. It is now retired.

This set builds a bakery, with cooking tools and baked goods, an oven, and a display case. It includes two minidolls.


Downtown Bakery sells a mouthwatering range of international cakes, breads, biscuits and pastries. Customers queue around the corner for their favourite treats!

The Bakery is owned by the parents of Mia's friend, Danielle. Danielle has got Mia a part-time job here.

Mia has more experience of pets than pastries but she's willing to learn. So, what's this thing for again? (*Mia holds a mixer*)

Unfortunately, Mia is better at burning cakes than baking them. Dog walking is definitely more her style!

No one knows the Downtown Bakery's special recipe for French pastries. It has a secret ingredient - honey!

Fun Facts Edit

  • Set includes also a fire extinguisher - ready for Mia's next visit!
  • Danielle features a hairpiece which has been used on Naya and Ewa minidolls, too.