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Featured Article Suggestions

We will be re-implementing featured articles soon, this time in a slightly different format. We intend to feature an episode, character, and set; changing each out every so often.

Whether you're staff or a regular editor, if you have any suggestions for a featured article, drop it in this thread.

What we're looking for, in no particular order:

> Thorough descriptions

> Good and proper formatting

> Relevant topics

> Good images

If your suggestion isn't followed, be patient; it may very well be featured in the future. Thank you for your participation. (:

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Witch language does the Lego friends speak?

Is it...
  • Danish
  • The language that you speak
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Does someone know what's the biggest Lego friends set ?

Hi ! Well, I was wondering if you know witch Lego friends set is the biggest.

Crystal and me thought that it was Heartlake Grand hotel but we're not sure.

If you have an idea, please let us know in the comments !



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Which musical instrument does Olivia play?

I vaguely remember seeing Olivia with a guitar, but can't recall what episode or webisode it was.
According to one of the webisodes, Olivia is a piano/keyboard player.

Can anyone remember if she's ever shown playing a guitar?
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Heartlake City

Do you want to live one week in Heartlake city ?
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Did they ever make smaller characters as minidolls?

I don't think they ever did this, but I am wondering why the younger characters never appeared as minidolls.
Isabella and Isaac (Mia's siblings from the original series) and Liz (Andrea's sister) from the reboot series.

Is it because making a new minidoll size would have been too difficult?
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Are Fiona and Wally related?

Since Big Ed is known to employ his family with his business ventures, I wondered if Wally was also a relative of Big Ed.
My theory is that he's Fiona's brother, but I couldn't find anything to support that premise online.

Does anyone have any more information about Wally's relationship to Fiona and Big Ed?
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Is LEGO Friends trying to appeal more to boys?

So, this is something that has been covered in a few other recent discussions, mostly regarding the reboot. But let's ponder this question at length. Is LEGO Friends trying to appeal more to boys? There are quite a few things that can back this up.

1) The show (and sets) have shifted to more action and superhero set ups.
2) The colour palette for Friends has changed, using darker shades more than the usual pastels (that being said pastels have, in no way, been replaced).
3) The sets now include more male characters, meaning boys can see themselves as a minidoll like girls can.

Something else of note is that a couple of product videos feature girls AND boys playing with the sets. An example:

So, what do you all think? Is LEGO Friends aimed at girls and boys now, or is it just as much a girls franchise as it was in 2012. Share your thoughts in the comments!
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Looking for Orange minidoll parts

I am trying to build a unique costume for my Naomi minidoll.

Since most of the colors were taken already, the only one I thought has not been claimed is orange and Naomi's premiere webisode shows she favors this color.

Does anyone know of any minidolls with orange clothing I can use for Naomi?

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Looking for Lego Friend issue 38

I want a green skateboard for Mia and this issue comes with one:

Does anyone know of an international online retailer where I can purchase this magazine and the toy set that comes with it?

LEGO Friends - issue 38 | Buy Back Issues & Single Copies
LEGO Friends - issue 38 | Buy Back Issues & Single Copies Mags Direct
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Has anyone see Friends sets 2018 summer pics?

I've seen only some low quality and I'm wondering, has anyone of you seen some hqs? Do you know the link?
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Do the toy products create the show?

I was wondering, how much intercommunication is there between the Lego manufacturing division and the television series production crew?
From my perspective, it looks like they just make a toy design, then it gets sent to the show's producers to feature in the episode miniseries with one-way communication only.

The reason I am thinking of this now is they created a new rival for Stephanie in the reboot toy line without thinking to check she already had a rival in the tv series who would have been perfect to create a minidoll for.
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What Do You Think of the Reboot?

The LEGO Friends reboot has been heavily debated on lots of LEGO fan sites but I noticed there wasn't a discussion on it here. So what do you think of it? For me personally there are pros & cons...
Pros: They are more diverse, their faces convey more expression, their outfits and colour schemes are more appealing & I feel the brand needed a reboot.
Cons: The animation makes them look a lot younger (I don't particularly mind the style of the animation though), Stephanie is going a little too heavy on the lipstick & that song *shudders*
To cut to the chase I really like the reboot, almost more than the original.
*Gets pelted with cookies*
But this is just my opinion. Please tell me yours in the comments. And don't forget to vote on the poll too.

Are You in Favour of the Reboot?
  • Yes!
  • No!
  • I can live with it... Just about
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What Do You Think of Tanya?

Since the creation of the page, fans have been debating her as a character. Is she good or is she bad? On the one hand, she's a stereotype rich snob who antagonizes the Friends. But on the other hand, she's a good singer and baker, and I'm sure there's SOME people she's nice too. But what do you think?
Tanya LEGO Friends Wiki
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Lego Friends Loves

Hello!!! I'm wondering how is the situation with the Lego Friends - main 5 - boyfriends. I guess that it's surely Emma + Matthew, Olivia + Jacob (oh, I wish there was a minidoll of him!!!), Stephanie + Nate. But what about Mia and Andrea? Tell your opinion!!!
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Set themes

Which of the set series do you like best? I like the Amusement Park! ^_^ It has Hot Dog Nate after all! XD
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Technological Issue Report Thread

You have reached the LEGO Friends Wiki Tech Department. If you have stumbled upon some problem involving categories, templates, coding, syntax...just about anything besides actual content, leave a message when you hear the beep. We will look into it as soon as possible and see what we can do.
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Welcome To Lego Friends Wiki Discussions!

Hello and welcome to the new Discussions! I (Purplebrick) hope this new Wikia feature will enhance your social experience here on the LEGO Friends Wiki.
We're still setting this up at the moment, so please bear with us.
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